Osm Live a group of independent artists who belive in "Free Culture" and "Free Technology" who live stream their music to listeners all over the globe. The shows are organized by the creators and listeners of The Open Source Musician Podcast.

How to listen:

You can listen in any music player that supports streaming media and the ogg vorbis format. If you use Windows Media Player you can download the Direct Show Plugin. All platforms(Windows, Mac and Linux) can also use the powerful and free VLC Media Player or play them with the new HTML 5 audio tag in Firefox 3.5 or later.


Below is a Google calendar of the upcoming events. If you use google calendar you can add our calendar to keep up to date. Also, if you use a feed reader you can subscribe to the rss feed

RSS feed of the shows


To schedule a show, contact us at live at pipemanmusic.com. Please include information about you, your background as well as the time you would like and we will contact you with the sever information